Coroner's Court of Western Australia

Call-Over List

The Court is open to the public.

Friday 6 May 2023

Location: Court 51, 5th floor Central Law Courts, 501 Hay Street, Perth

Time: 9:30am

HOWLETT, Kevin George


Child LT (Name Subject to Suppression Order)

LOCKYER, Veronica Philomena & PARTRIDGE, Adell Sherylee

KENNEDY, Tony Wayne

BOROS, Richard Anthony

FYFE, Cameron

INMAN, Stanley John

CRIPPS, Nicholas Arthur

MAJOR, Frank Kenneth

Child MD (Name Subject to Suppression Order)

ALLEN, Phillip John

ROBERTS, Shane Nathan

STINSON, Bradley James

FILDES, Ashley Dean

MILGIN, Richard


Last updated: 4-May-2023

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