Information for Legal Practitioners

Guidelines and Adopted Practice Directions

Seeking leave to appear at an inquest

Legal Practitioners wishing to seek leave to appear on behalf of an interested party at an inquest (including call overs) should write to -

The State Coroner
c/o Listings Manager
Coroner’s Court of Western Australia
Central Law Courts Building
Level 10, 501 Hay Street
Perth  WA   6000

Letters can be attached to an e-mail to:, and should set out precisely who the interested party or parties are that the legal practitioner is seeking leave to represent.

Requesting coronial briefs or transcripts of proceedings

Legal Practitioners who wish to obtain a copy of the Coronial brief should fill in the appropriate request form, and forward it by e-mail to

The same request form should to be used to request a copy of the transcript for an inquest in which you are appearing. Completed requests should be sent to

Last updated: 30-Apr-2019

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