Inquest into the Death of Daniel Paul HILDER

Inquest into the Death of Daniel Paul HILDER

Delivered on : 20 August 2019

Delivered at : Perth

Finding of : Coroner Jenkin

Recommendations :N/A

Orders/Rules : N/A

Suppression Order : Yes

There be no reporting or publication of the details of any of the versions of the WA Police Emergency Driving Policy and Guidelines, including, but not limited to, any cap on the speed at which police officers are authorised to drive.

Summary :

On 8 July 2016 two police officers were conducting a routine patrol in Carlisle. It had rained earlier in the night, and road surfaces were wet. As the officers drove north on Mars Street, near Mercury Street, they saw the deceased’s car parked adjacent to a park called Parnham Reserve. The car’s registration was checked using the police computer but the deceased’s vehicle was not correctly identified. The officers continued their patrol and a short time late saw the deceased’s vehicle again. A further registration check identified that the driver’s licence of the vehicle’s registered owner had expired.

The officers pulled up alongside the deceased’s vehicle to speak with the deceased. One of the officers told the deceased that his driver’s licence had expired. Despite being ordered to stop, the deceased reversed his car and drove off at speed on the wrong side of Star Street. As the deceased drove off, police heard the tyres on the deceased’s car lose traction on the wet road. The driver of the police vehicle activated its emergency lights and sirens and drove after the deceased. The deceased continued through a roundabout on the wrong side of the road with his lights off and narrowly avoided colliding with a motorist coming the other way. At this stage, the police car was about 100 metres behind the deceased’s vehicle as it drove along Oats Street. Police estimated that the deceased’s car was travelling at 100 kilometres per hour. Police decided it was too risky to continue to follow the deceased and the pursuit was abandoned. The pursuit had lasted for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, the deceased continued the wrong way through a roundabout on Oats Street and as he was making a right hand turn into Raleigh Street, he lost control of his car and crashed into a brick wall. The deceased’s car sustained significant damage with the front passenger door being pushed into the car’s cabin. Police parked in front of the deceased’s car and ran to assist him. The deceased’s feet were jammed under the driver’s side dash and he was slumped forward into the front passenger footwell. Police started CPR and were assisted by other police officers who arrived at the scene. A short time later, ambulance officers arrived and took the deceased to Royal Perth Hospital. Despite the efforts of police, ambulance officers and hospital staff, the deceased could not be revived.

The Coroner found the deceased’s conduct clearly indicated that he did not intend to stop for the police. At the time of the incident, the deceased was disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence at the time and he was affected by methylamphetamine and cannabis.

The Coroner was satisfied the actions of the police officers did not contribute to, or cause the death of the deceased.

Catch Words : Police Pursuit : Motor Driver’s Licence Disqualification : Accident.

Last updated: 29-Aug-2019

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