Coroner's Court of Western Australia

Inquest into the Death of Hayder SAYED

Inquest into the Death of Hayder SAYED

Delivered on :10 October 2016

Delivered at : Perth

Finding of : Coroner Linton

Recommendations :N/A

Orders/Rules : N/A

Suppression Order : N/A

Summary : At the time of his death the deceased was in immigration detention at Curtin Immigration Detention Centre after he has been transferred from the Christmas Island Detention Centre.

The deceased on his arrival at Christmas Island underwent a Health Inductions Assessment, the physical component of which detected no abnormalities, although the records show he was hypotensive and clearly underweight. He provided no significant prior medical history and, in particular, no record of a previous cardiac event.  Abnormalities were detected on the deceased’s chest x-ray and repeated appointments were booked to discuss these findings but the deceased did not keep those appointments.  The deceased, however, did attend an appointment with a general practitioner to discuss the chest x-ray.  He also attended a consultation with a nurse reporting that he had episodes of feeling strange and dizzy but was otherwise well.  He told the nurse he was feeling anxious and concerned as he had been told he had an enlarged heart.

On 28 July 2010 the deceased was assessed to be fit to travel to the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre. He was further assessed on 30 July 210 by a doctor who reported the deceased was well and did not display any clinical signs of heart disease.  On 2 August 2010 the deceased was transferred to the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre and the following day he attended an appointment with a nurse who noted the deceased was tachycardic.  An appointment was made for the deceased to see a general practitioner.

He saw a GP on 4 August 2010 and on examination his heart sounded normal and his chest was clear. Further investigations were ordered, the results of which were normal.  The deceased was encouraged to cease smoking to improve his health.

On the afternoon of 21 August 2010 the deceased was found collapsed in the male toilets where he was attended to by medical staff from the detention centre. An ambulance attended, and the deceased once stabilised by ambulance officers, was transported to the Derby Hospital Emergency Department.  Later that evening the deceased was airlifted by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.  He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit on 22 August 2010 and despite the attempts at resuscitation and maintenance of life-support the deceased continued to display signs of severe metabolic acidosis, haemodynamic and respiratory failure and continued to show signs of severe hypoxic brain injury.  In view of the lack of response and the futility of ongoing treatment it was decided not to escalate treatment any further and he died at 3:20pm on 22 August 2010.

The Coroner concluded the treatment and care provided to the deceased was appropriate and of a reasonable standard in the relevant circumstances.

The Coroner found the deceased died on 22 August 2010 as a result of acute cardiac failure in association with severe ischaemic heart disease secondary to severe coronary atherosclerosis and death occurred by way of natural causes.

Catch Words : Medical care provided while in immigration detention centres : Natural Causes.


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