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As a coronial inquiry is an extended process that may take many months to complete we may be able to assist you with the following:

The coronial inquiry process

Provide updated information on request as to the status of the inquiry and answer questions raised by the family.

Objection to post mortem examination

We can explain your rights under the Coroners Act, discuss the implications of placing an Objection and inform you of how long it will take to process.

The post mortem process

Explain the medical examination and scientific tests that are required to determine a cause of death.

Medical terminology

Explaining the cause of death in an understandable way and any implications for your family.

Organ retention issues

In a minority of cases following a post mortem examination it may be necessary for a body organ to be retained for further examination. If this is the case a counsellor will contact you to discuss and explain the situation.

Role of children

We can provide information on ways of talking to children about death, how they can be included in the funeral and how they express their grief.


We offer support to family members attending the State mortuary to view the body of a loved one.


At this difficult time you may find we can assist with some grief counselling or arrange referral to other community agencies or professional counsellors. This may include support groups appropriate to your needs.

File Viewing

Arrange for you to view the police file either prior to or following the Coroner completing a Finding.

Inquest Preparation

Advise you about your rights when attending an Inquest and arrange for court support if you wish during the Inquest.

Last updated: 15-Jan-2014

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